Message from the President/CEO & Solutions Architect

MWETANA Consulting & Technology Group Inc (MWETANA) started over a decade ago with an aim to “aid businesses in planning, development and management of mission and business critical solutions to achieve a competitive advantage through the use of technology”. We've endeavored each day to meet this, and throughout the years, we have assembled a team with this mind.  Looking back to Liberia’s post-recovery, we have built a business that has profound and enduring client connections, with the type of relationships that come only with time.  Our clients know us and are aware of our abilities, and without a doubt, contact us regularly to direct them with key choices that influence their Information Technology decisions for solutions and services.


A business such as ours relies on the staff we hire, and we have selected individuals who share our principles and values, but also want to grow within the organization. Today we are a flourishing group of experts with skills ranging from system analysts to system engineers.  We are extremely selective when adding to the MWETANA family, to guarantee that we don't forget why we started the business.  We provide local, regional, and international learning opportunities to our staff along with flexible financial incentives.  Our staff remain the foundation of our growth.


We also depend on key technology vendor relationships and have developed partnerships with international vendors such as Microsoft, Cisco, HP, Oracle and VMware to build our competencies.  We will continue to evolve and work with new and emerging technology providers in the areas of converged infrastructure, cloud computing, and mobile applications providers because of the excitement and opportunities they bring to our team. 


My message ends with an anticipation of what the future of technology will bring.  As technology develops, MWETANA will continue using industry best practices and standards as our strategy for moving forward.  We believe this will give our clients value for their money. 


I look forward to building a lasting relationship with you in the future.





Vivien C. Jones

Message from the President/CEO & Solutions Architect, MWETANA