School Management System

MWETANA SchooLink™ provides a user-friendly interface with secure login access for students, parents/sponsors, teachers, non-teaching staff and management personnel. It is a secured web-based solution that aims to make educational and administrative tasks easier. SchooLink™ is a dynamic school management system that utilizes the latest technologies to effectively and efficiently manage all schools’ environment. It provides a platform to unite school authorities, teachers, students and parents/sponsors, to enhance the quality of education. SchooLink™ includes the development or redesigning of institution website and hosting for one year.


SchooLink™ Benefits


SchooLink™ offers advantages for everyone involved in the academic process – from administrators who oversee the school operations, teachers, staff, parents/sponsors, and to students who anxiously await completion of the academic semester or year.


SchooLink™ provides a set of tools - a roadmap if you will, that enables school administrators to smoothly run the institution and do so in a way that demonstrates efficiency, cost-savings and ingenuity. Beside solving all the challenges listed above, SchooLink™ seeks to improve the quality of education, increase performance, improve students’ engagement, save paper by reducing administrative printing, faster decision making, mobile working and among others.


SchooLink™ works with any sizes of institutions but ideally works best for institutions with more than 150 students.


Versions of SchooLink™


SchooLink™ is produced as three unique versions: Cx, Px & Tx. We believe that one size does not fit all; therefore, our system has been customized to suite a particular educational institution by taking into consideration processes unique to three categories of institutions.


The Cx version which is designed specifically for Universities take into consideration all the requirements and business rules for operating and managing a university.


The Px version is a lightweight version that handles the operations and administrative tasks of Primary, Junior and Senior High School.


The Tx version of SchooLink™ is for technical and vocational institutions that have specialized business requirements or that operate differently from University or K-12 school.


Note that all the versions or any two versions can work seamlessly together.


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