Document Management


Over the years, MWETANA has developed, customized and implemented document management systems or components using its document management system – ManageDoc+ (Manage Doc Plus). ManageDoc+ is an enterprise document management system developed by MWETANA with a specific goal to help organizations move towards and operate in a “paperless environment”. In today's world, organizations of all sizes possess and manage a legacy of paper documents, accumulate a rapidly growing share of electronic documents, and anticipate a future that is mostly, but not entirely, electronic.


ManageDoc+ is a secure, easy to use document management system designed for a variety of purposes including document capture and storage, search and retrieval, and file sharing. ManageDoc+ adapts to any business model by maximizing accessibility and functionality in repositories of all sizes, while increasing collaboration and communication between users.


ManageDoc+ is a browser based, client-server system developed in Microsoft C# and compatible with all versions of Microsoft SQL Server as the backend database engine. ManageDoc+ has been tested and tried on Oracle 10g database server. ManageDoc+ can be deployed as tier1, tier2 and tier3 application, which makes it scalable for future expansion.


ManageDoc+ delivers the capability that allows organization to streamline business process into a paperless organization with intelligent rules based workflow management.  ManageDoc+ helps organizations manage their data effectively, resulting in greater efficiencies and cost savings.


ManageDoc+ is a browser based application that is easy to use with familiar interfaces of other applications. With ManageDoc+, support staff can focus on bigger things, and won't spend as much time bringing users up to speed or explaining where to find software functions. ManageDoc+ has been designed with speed and ease of use top of mind.


Users can gain immediate access to the documents being worked on by using ManageDoc+ dashboard. ManageDoc+ dashboard is the hub of activity inside the business, giving user point-in-time access to what's being worked on right now. Quickly access and review work in progress, or get back to a document which the user previously accessed.