Top Management

Mr. Vivien Charles Jones, MBA, MSc, BSc

Vivien Charles Jones is the founder and current President and Chief Executive Officer of MWETANA Consulting and Technology Group, Inc. Since MWETANA’s inception, Mr. Jones has been the visionary and team leader for building a dynamic and vibrant company. Mr. Jones is a seasoned IT Solutions Architect with over 25 years experience in systems Integration, software development, computer networking, project management, business automation and re-engineering strategies, telecommunications, technology consulting, and integrated ICT/IT solutions... read full profile



Mr. Karl R. Smith, MSc, BBA

Karl R. Smith, is a Partner and Chief Technology Officer of MWETANA Consulting & Technology Group Inc. He leads MWETANA’s engineering teams to deliver innovative, excellent and quality products and services within the market. In this position as CTO, Karl’s responsibilities include developing, maintaining and advancing the company’s rapid growing clients base, as well as leveraging his expertise to expand capabilities and services that have broad market value... read full profile



Mr. Henry F. Wilson, MBA, BSc

Henry F. Wilson, is a Partner and the Senior Software Architect at MWETANA Consulting & Technology Group. Henry is primarily responsible for overseeing, engineering, designing, developing and testing of all MWETANA’s software applications. Henry has expert knowledge in software and module development including COM objects, ActiveX controls, stored procedures, extended stored procedures, and applications in C, C++, VB, VFP, MVC, JAVA, PHP, TSQL, ASP, C#.Net, VB.Net, and ASP.Net... read full profile