Software Development

MWETANA is regarded in Liberia as Liberia’s top software house with over a decade of developing custom software for the public and private sectors. MWETANA has developed over 100 software for organizations in Liberia. We take pride in the quality of applications we develop and our customer satisfaction in using those applications.


Our in-house software development technique guarantees that we use industrial strength software development tools at every stage of software development process.  We take Software Quality Assurance and Testing very seriously and we have an in-house software development methodology which we have successfully applied in all our software projects


For analysis and design phases, we use Structured System Design Method (SSADM) or Unified Markup Language (UML).  For database design and/or modeling stage we use ERWIN/SQL by Computer Associates.  For Software Development /Programming Stage we will choose the development tool for the job based on the functional specifications or user requirements.


We have extensive experience in Microsoft Software Development Tools – Microsoft .NET ( Visual Studio), ORACLE Software Development Tools ( INTERNET Developer – Forms and Report Writer), Java – J2EE Software Development , PHP, Scripting Language, XML – Data Transfer, Web Server ( Apache and IIS), SQL and Web Services Technology.  


Our Engineering Team has extensive skill in Microsoft & Open Source Technology and we develop software for any end-device (Web Browser Devices, Mobile Phones – WAP Ready and PDAs). In addition to our in-house staff, our software development partners, affiliates and consultants have been developing and implementing software since 1990. Our organization’s combined experience spans the software development full life cycle from concept to final implementation.  Software development is all about culture and we have attained skills at our organization working with software development partners from USA, Europe, and Africa (Ghana, Liberia, and Nigeria).


At the Testing stage, we use Industrial Strength Testing Tools such as Win Runner or Test Director.  As documentation is essential to user productivity, software context sensitive or on line help we use RoboHelp,  and for software installation we use Install Shield or Wise.


MWETANA have developed a software development project management culture which provides a framework for Total Quality Assurance on our software projects.  We track all activities on all our projects and this provides a solid foundation for effective project and change management.


Based on experience implementing software for Liberian and other based establishments, Change Management and End-user Training is essential to the success of any project.  We have dedicated staff to carry out “train the trainers” exercises and empowerment of staff with report generation and software support skills to enable total project ownership.


We take post implementation tasks very seriously and we provide a period of user ‘hand-shaking’ after implementation during our software warranty period usually first six (6) months to guarantee that the software application developed is being used and its full potential is achieved.


At MWETANA we select the right-tool for the job. This is usually established after the system design stage in the software customization lifecycle. We are competent in the following environments:


  1. Microsoft Technologies - .Net for widows and web based solution

  2. Java & J2EE Technologies

  3. Open Source (LAMP–Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) Technologies

Our systems can be customized to run using industrial strength relational database management systems from vendors such as Microsoft-SQLServer, Oracle-Oracle, GUPTA-SQLBase, Sybase, MySQL, Informix or IBM DB2.  


We can build WEB or INTERNET Ready applications running any device supporting Web Browsers. We build SMS Ready Applications (mobile technology data access systems)