Our Partners


Over the years, the company has partnered with, and continues to partner with local and international companies to ensure that our clients are presented with the best solutions. 


We are resellers for various technology solutions including Neurotechnology, BioLink, Suprema, Acti, VMware, HP, IBM, Matrix, Evolis, Eset, Cisco and KASPERKY.  We have partnered with Norwegian Registrar Developers (NRD) of Norway, BROWSE.com and AKK Risk Consulting of Ghana, Resourcery PLC of Nigeria, Coastal Communications, VANEL Inc and Network Technology, Inc. from Liberia amongst others. 


The company and its partners are fully engaged on all projects and provide managerial and project management expertise on all projects awarded. 


As a client, you can be assured that your organization will receive the highest level of professional support.  We stand behind the products and solutions we provide to ensure that each and every client is 100% satisfied 100% of the time.