Core Values


At MWETANA, we pride ourselves with our core values that are communicated to  our staffs, partners and consultants. Our clients can be assured that these values are represented in everything that we do.


EX                   EXtraordinary
                                        ( EXtraordinary pursuit in achieving our goals)

P                     Passion
                                        (Passion by striving to achieve the best and make our work  extraordinary)

L                      Leadership

                                        (Leadership through vision, technology and services)

I                      Integrity
                                        (Integrity in how we treat each other, our partners and customers)

                    Customer Service
                                       (Customer Service by focusing our strategies, our products and  services on the goals of the customer.)

I                       Innovation
                                        (Innovation through creativity and continuous improvement)

                                        (Teamwork by listening to what others have to contribute.)