Data Center & Enterprise System


Due to the multiple challenges and complexity of the Data Center environment, new facilities need to be designed with serious care and consideration. Because of the fast changing of technology, Data Centers needs to be designed to accommodate future expansion and to integrate seamlessly with new IT products. At MWETANA, we are experienced in designing Data Center solutions that allow your organization to continue to add capacity over time without adding headaches.


MWETANA offers a full spectrum of data center design services from space utilization studies to mechanical and electrical systems design to complete facility solutions. Included in our design of services are:

Our Data Center Services help improve the uptime, security, and service quality of your data center, while reducing your cost of ownership. And because there’s no one-size-fits-all approach, we’ll assess your needs and deploy the most effective tools and processes necessary to meet your business goals.


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MWETANA engineers are certified by the International Data Center Authority